About Me

My name is Warren Woodhouse and I love playing video games, taking photos, making videos, making music, horse-riding, reading books, writing books, writing blogs and more.

Please check out my homepage for more details or check out my entire profile by CLICKING HERE.

I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, a rare heart condition called Bicuspid Valve Heart Defect, a VERY rare skeletal disorder which hasn't been named yet, I also have a VERY rare DNA defect which hasn't been named yet but it has caused Chromosome 23 & Chromosome 24 to be labelled genetically as "Undefined", which means 23 & 24 don't exist & I'm technically registered currently as having Dwarfism since I had taken Growth Hormone injections from the age of 5 to the age of 15.

My Achievements

My achievements, celebrities I've met, videos I'm featured in, TV news reports that I'm featured in and radio interviews that I'm featured in are listed on my Achievements page which you can find by CLICKING HERE.

About Company

CLICKING HERE to see the entire timeline of the Company.

Why Wikia

Because the Wikis App on my Webs website closed down because Webs discontinued the built-in site app, I had to find a steady and reliable solution, so I decided to go to the home of the Fandom: Wikia.

Wiki Description

Warren Woodhouse: Wikis are for family, friends and fans of my official websites.

While on here, you'll find wikis and about pages for all of my products and services.

What Happens If I Experience A Problem

Contact me by using the contact form by CLICKING HERE.

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