Welcome to my unofficial The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM Walkthrough Guide.

Mission 1: Unbound

After the opening credits, once you reach the location, you'll be tasked to create your own character. Afterwards, you're character will automatically walk to the area where you'll begin to be executed but, wait, what do you see... yep, a dragon. You'll have to get up and run for the ruined tower with The Stormcloaks. Jump from the tower and continue through the ruined village of Helgen until you reach the choice of siding with The Stormcloaks or to side with The Imperials, the choice is yours however I've picked The Stormcloaks for my first playthrough. Unlock the door, kill the guards. Unlock the cells, take the books. Kill the spiders and then kill the bear. Exit the cave near Riverwood. Follow the ally to Riverwood to complete the mission. Welcome to SKYRIM.

Mission 2: Add


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