These terms govern the community, websites and companies.

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Link: Guidelines

License In Use By: Community

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Majority of the laws here are for Community Members as a guideline for how you should respect, contribute and respond to others and their Content, especially mine (Warren Woodhouse). The Warren Law applies to outside of Wikia space as well, on all Warren Woodhouse Websites and Created Contents.

Strong note: respect Copyrights and respect Others. Those are my wishes to everyone here. You're all more than welcome to contribute and create new pages, being helpful is not a problem here. If you made a mistake, be honest about it and make your best to correct it.


Link: Warren Law

License In Use By: All Warren Woodhouse websites, companies, services, brands, apps and created contents.

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The Warren Law, also known as Warren Woodhouse Law Agreement, protects the works of, the data of, the name of, the designs of, the likeness of and all intellectual property of WARREN WOODHOUSE, which is under International Law. Throughout the Terms you'll find sections of Warren Law with article numbers such as 1, as an example, which can be found at WL.1 below.

  • WL.2: All data owned by third parties are the sole copyright ownership of those respective owners.
  • WL.3: Do not tag WARREN WOODHOUSE in any post or content without asking first. Privacy violations are prohibited and will make you liable to legal costs based on your actions.
  • WL.4: Before editing anything here on the Wiki or elsewhere, please signup and login first before editing and then read the Terms Of Use of the FANDOM Wiki Creator Service. The Terms are found at and the Terms for my Community at TOU on this page.


Link: Warren Copyright

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Warren Copyright statement hereby acknowledges that all designs, artwork, music, music videos and everything created by Warren Woodhouse are subject to the Terms in the Warren Law and all the works herein are copyrighted to Warren Woodhouse under the legal copyright of his Signature which can be found on all legally signed documentations and at


Link: CommentsPolicy

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The policy includes guideline rules for commenting on articles, on my discussion boards, on my forums, on my blogs, on my videos and on my photos throughout my network of websites and social network profiles.

  • When leaving a comment, make sure you don't include spam links or links to websites containing spam. If you do, your details will be passed onto an authority in your local area and you'll be banned from using my websites and social network profiles.
  • Respect others. It's a simple thing to do. Respecting others opinions is the foundation of my community. This includes respecting others personal space, such as not asking others for personal information other than a link to a website or social site which they would like to share.
  • By commenting, providing content or joining any of my websites or social networking profiles means you agree to the Warren Law, Privacy Policy, Terms and the Guidelines. These agreements were written for the safety of the community, others, you, the community host and the owner of this community.


Link: TOU

Last Updated: CLICK HERE to see the last update to the Wikia Terms Of Use.

The Terms Of Use is basically the same as the Wikia Terms Of Use. Please read it at


Link: TOS

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The Terms Of Service are the terms that YOU and the services must follow. The terms are:

  • 2: If you would like your works to be featured on my websites, videos or another form of medium, please follow Term 1, as shown above. Similar rules apply.
  • 3: Whether or not my data is Public, Private or Otherwise, my name and my data remain the sole property of WARREN WOODHOUSE and the code pertained herein is owned by the services who are authorised to display my data. Using my data and my name without my permission means I'm entitled to enforce the International Designs, Copyright & Patents Act against your actions along with my current country's laws, which will allow me to sue you for a maximum of £150,000 per offence.
  • 4: You, user or otherwise, must agree to the Terms explained for you to use my data, my name, my photos and photos with me in them (even if you took a photo of me, I still partly own it since it contains me, therefore, it's under WARREN LAW. See WL.1 for details.).

Font License

Link: Font License

License In Use By: Aenigmate

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The font is to not be used for commercial use or on websites which have paid advertisements as it counts as commercial use.

My font is to be used for private home use only and for educational use only. My font can be used on a blog and website but must be a website that has no advertising on and must be free and must not allow my font to become downloadable in anyway shape and/or form. You are not entitled to upload my font to any website expect with permission which must be in the form of writing and audio confirmation by both parties (my company and you, the individual). If you would like to place a download link, the link must link directly to my website, as where the fontnamegoeshere will represent the actual name of the font, for example, tosharplingofont.ttf . All designs are copyright to Warren Kris Woodhouse Corporation., Unltd. The license also is part of Warren Law and is also part of the main License.


Link: Privacy

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For signing up to my Wikis, see Privacy Policy for details.

  • 1: Your data in forms, quizzes, contact forms and elsewhere are your property and not the sole property of WARREN WOODHOUSE and your name will not be used unless without your express written and verbal permission.


Link: Disclaimer

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WARREN WOODHOUSE are not responsible, in whole or in part, for the accuracy of the contents displayed on my websites, videos and creative works.


Link: Promise

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WARREN WOODHOUSE promises to provide you with accurate, important, detailed, entertaining and useful information/data, videos and creative works that's been provided by me and/or researched fully by me to provide you with the best experience. That will always be my promise to you.


Link: Follow#Rules

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The rules for following can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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